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We Specialize in Estate Development, Well Planned Gated Community, Provision of Utility, Demarcated plots for Residential & Commercial Purposes Consultation on Building Procedures, Sales of Concrete Products, Architectural Services, Plans & Estimate, thus we are able to provide ‘one-stop solutions’. At Magna Terris, our strength lies in our committed staff. Their experience, coupled with our management process, provide our clients with the ideal combination of construction management and total project management -- completing it on time and within budget. -WELL PLANNED GATED COMMUNITY -PROVISION OF UTILITY, I.E. WATER, ELECTRICITY ETC -DEMARCATED PLOTS FOR RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES -CONSULTATION ON BUILDING PROCEDURES -SALES OF CONCRETE PRODUCTS, SUCH AS SANDCRETE BLOCKS, PAVING SLABS, FAST FLOORS ETC -ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES, I.E. BUILDING PLANS AND ESTIMATE.